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Panama, April 12, 2016. Today, the Walkabout Foundation provides 250 wheelchairs for children and adults with disabilities in Panama. Its founder, Carolina González Bunster and its CEO, Isabel Falkenberg, were present for the delivery to the National Secretariat for the Disabled (SENADIS) in the framework of its program “No Limits”

This project was born as a result of a collaboration between the Walkabout Foundation, Laudato Si Wind Farm, which finances 50% of the project and the National Disability Secretariat. All this has been possible thanks to the presentation of the entrepreneur Yolanda Eleta, a major promoter of projects for the disabled in Panama, who, knowing the various parties, identified this opportunity.

The beneficiaries of this donation in most cases did not yet have a chair with which to be able to have mobility and stand alone. From today, 250 people with disabilities will have these RoughRider chairs, all produced with bicycle components, so they can be easily repaired anywhere. They are robust and particularly stable, with wheels suitable for more rural terrain. Each chair is worth 300 dollars and is adapted and delivered individually to each person.

Representatives of Walkabout expressed their gratitude to the team of Laudato Si wind farm and the National Disability Secretary for the opportunity to be able to carry out this project in Panama, and invited other foundations and companies to join the support of this prevailing need in the country, Since it is estimated that in Panama there are approximately 400,000 disabled.

Since its founding in 2009, Walkabout has funded more than $ 1 million in successful bone marrow re-stimulation projects and has distributed more than 8,000 chairs in 19 countries, impacting the lives of more than 20,000 people. Its new challenge for this year is to distribute more than 3,000 chairs in ten countries and launch five rehabilitation centers, three in India, one in Kenya and one in Haiti, for paralyzed people. In several cases, the centers will also focus on educating and supporting the families of these people, who normally lack any kind of knowledge or experience when it comes to caring for their loved one.

Walkabout Foundation is a non-profit organization that was born in 2009 to fund medical research projects to find a cure to paralysis and at the same time distributes wheelchairs and provides rehabilitation services around the world to the most needy. The team will be distributing almost 500 chairs to children in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Walkabout was born when its founders, Carolina González Bunster and her brother Luis, decided to do the 870 kilometers of the Way of Santiago in Spain to raise funds to fight the paralysis. They did it in 31 days: Carolina walked and Luis used his arms because an automobile accident had left him with no mobility in his legs since he was 18 years old. Together they completed this epic adventure and raised over $ 200,000 dollars, funds with which they launched Walkabout.

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