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Laudato SI Wind Farm


The project ended its construction phase in April 2016 and since then it has been 100% operational.

Park Facts

86 generation units, with permanent magnet technology (PMDD) (Goldwind GW 109/2500)

Towers 90 meters high, with blades (blades) of 52.5 meters in length. Sweeping area of 110 meters.

77 km of medium voltage line, 62 km underground and 15 km aerial

6 million kg of steel was used for the construction

86 bases, each with 1,250 to 1,500 tons of concrete - 120,000 tons of concrete and 300,000 m3 of earth movement.

During the construction phase, 250 local workers were hired.


Laudato Si’ wind farm provides clean and reliable energy to the country, which is estimated to average 566 GWh per year.


The turbines start operation from wind speeds of 3 m / s and reach their maximum capacity when the wind reaches 13 m / s.



The Wind Farm is connected to the National Electricity System through the El Coco substation, located in the Penonomé District, Province of Coclé.



The energy produced by the Wind Farm is delivered to the distribution companies to supply more than 250 thousand Panamanian families.