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  • It is the largest wind farm in Central America and the Caribbean, with a capacity to produce on average 12.5% of the country’s electricity demand and up to 25% of demand during the dry period.
  • It is estimated that the power generation of this park will save US $ 88 million per year to the Panamanian Electricity System and will avoid the emission of 450 thousand tons of carbon to the environment.
  • The name of the wind farm, “Laudato Si'”, is inspired by the Second Encyclical of Pope Francis I, which emphasizes the importance of the conservation of the planet earth and encourages the responsible use of natural resources and the importance of the energy reforms to mitigate climate change.

Panama April 13, 2016. – Laudato Si ‘wind farm was inaugurated today in Penonomé, Coclé province. The event was held in the facilities of the park and was attended by the President of the Republic, local and national government authorities, ambassadors, financiers, contractors, landowners, representatives of civil society and members of the surrounding communities. At the ceremony was the symbolic start of a wind turbine that is part of the energy matrix of Panama


UEP Penonomé II, S.A. A subsidiary of InterEnergy Holdings, with an investment of 430 million dollars, built Laudato Si’ wind farm, which has 86 wind turbines and capacity to supply clean electricity to more than 125 thousand Panamanian families, saving US $ 88 million in Operating costs of the Panamanian Electric System per year.

This project involved the participation of more than 350 people, 10 institutions, 2,304 hours of work, 288 days to achieve what is now a reality: Panama has the largest wind park in Central America and the Caribbean, capable of generating up to 25 % Of the country’s electricity demand during the dry period. This wind farm will avoid the emission of more than 450 thousand tons of carbon to the environment, and will mitigate the emission of 1,000 tons of nitrogen oxide and 500 tons of sulfur dioxide, saving approximately 900 thousand barrels of oil per year. Wind energy is an economically viable industry, but most importantly, environmentally friendly.

“Today, it marks an important milestone for Panama’s electrical and environmental sector, as the results have shown us that wind energy is an economically viable industry, but most importantly, environmentally friendly. We thank the State for believing in the project, and for sure it is the beginning of a long and productive relationship with the country “

Said Rolando González Bunster, President and CEO of Interenergy Holdings.

During the inauguration the General Manager of UEP Penonomé II, Jamilette Guerrero, was very satisfied by the results obtained and commented:

“I am proud to be part of this project that represents a more sustainable future for the country in clean energy production, and that puts Panama in a leading position in the region.”

During the construction process, as each of the 86 wind turbines were installed, they were put into operation immediately, generating in the year 2015 2.56% of the country’s electric energy, through 257 thousand megawatts Hour of renewable energy. By 2016, UEP Penonomé II has completed the 86 wind turbines and estimates that through the Laudato Si’ wind farm, approximately 12.5% of the country’s electricity can be supplied, with 566 thousand megawatt hours of renewable and clean energy.

These numbers show with concrete results the efficiency and stability in the energy production of this wind farm, which entails the diversification of the national energy matrix, and helps to alleviate dependence on imported fossil fuels, as well as stabilize the prices of electricity service and contribute With the reduction of carbon emissions.

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